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Natural Products Part II

I just read an article in the New York Times about how the FDA is banning certain chemicals found in many household antibacterial soups. I’m happy that many companies are already removing the toxic chemicals, but I’m also infuriated. The FDA ruled that the risks these chemicals presented were greater than the benefits, but there are plenty of cleaning products and soaps we can use that don’t pose a risk. And, according to the article, antibacterial products haven’t even been shown to be more effective.

One of the main risks of the chemicals found in soap and many other cleaning products, is that they are endocrine distributors. They send signals to our bodies that can cause problems with our hormones, reproductive system, and immune system. As someone with endometriosis, which is caused by an imbalance in the hormones, I don’t wait years (and in some cases decades) for the FDA to tell me something is unsafe. I do my best to eliminate as many potentially harmful chemicals from my life proactively, from my cleaning to my beauty products.  If you have any type of hormonal imbalance like PCOS, endometriosis, or you’re pregnant or breast feeding, it’s particularly important to favor natural products.

I wrote an article with some of my natural beauty tips and ways to incorporate natural products into your routine back in April, but I’ve got more to add!

Cleaning: I love the company Citra Solv. I use their product for mopping and cleaning surfaces. It’s cruelty free as well and works great (I used it to take stickers of glass jars and it was the only thing that worked!). They also make dish soap and a bunch of other commercial and home cleaning products.

Hand Soap: I use an empty foam pump, Dr. Bronners Castile soap, water, and a touch of oil for my hand soap. I got the recipe from Wellness Mama, who has so many amazing recipes for natural products.

Shampoo: A year and a half ago I stopped using conditioner and starting using diluted Apple Cider Vinegar instead. 6 months ago I eliminated shampoo as well, and I use a combo of baking soda and water for shampoo, and diluted apple cider vinegar to condition. It’s great. For more info, google the “no-poo” method.

Toothpaste: I’ve been using natural toothpaste for years, it’s easy enough to find online or at the health food store, but recently, after a trip to the dentist, I was inspired to make my own remineralizing tooth powder. The next one I’m making is squeezable. The ingredients may seem esoteric at first, but you can actually use them for a lot of things. We all know how many things you can use coconut oil for, and if you don’t, I’ll write an article about it soon :). Bentonite clay is also a great face mask.

If making your own toothpaste feels intimidating, I get it. And it’s totally fine to buy toothpaste, but stay away from the big companies. As you can read in the NYT article, Triclosan, the chemical being banned from soaps, will still be in Colgate Total because it has a positive effect on plaque and gum disease. Well, surprise, you can fight plaque and gum disease with plenty of other ingredients that won’t harm you or your family.

And don’t forget to check out my natural deodorant!

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