Meal Planning Consultations & Cooking Classes

1 Hour Meal Planning Coaching Call

Planning meals for the week can be super intimidating. Balancing time, expenses, quality and variety is a bit of a circus act at first, but with practice and guidance it’s totally doable (and can even be exciting!).

Menu planning depends on lots of factors, including how comfortable you are in the kitchen, what flavors you like, how often you want to cook, and what your health concerns are. Because of that, I like to help my clients find what’s already working for them, and build on that. Why reinvent the wheel?

In our 1 hour meal planning session, we will identify what you’re already doing well. What recipes you can make by heart in a snap and what kinds of flavors, spices, vegetables, grains and proteins you like. From there, we will come up with a general outline of your meals for the week. We’ll talk about how to mix things up, how to repurpose leftovers, add in some healthier alternatives if necessary and how to save time and be more efficient in your food prep.

Email to book a session.

“During our session she took the time to really explore what was important to me, and then coached me on the healthy foods that support my lifestyle. My two year old and eleven year old couldn’t be happier with the simple quick recipes now that I whip up, and I am no longer spending quality time with my kids in the kitchen, but now in the dining room.
Thanks Sam.” – Andrea, Brooklyn, NY

Private In Home Kitchen Makeovers and Cooking Classes

Preparing healthy and tasty meals for the week can be a challenge when you’re not super comfortable in the kitchen. Some people can really benefit from having an expert come by to help them figure out the best tools for the kitchen and how to use them. It may even be as simple as making sure you have at least one pot you can use for multiple dishes and a good knife. These sessions are also great for people who are in the process of changing their diets for health reasons (eliminating gluten or adopting a plant-based diet).

These sessions are completely customized to your needs. Here are some examples of things we can cover during a home session:

  • Identify the best items to keep in your freezer and pantry for easy meals on the go
  • Find hidden inefficiencies in your kitchen set up
  • How to decrease prep time and set up a good mise en place (it just means everything in it’s place :))
  • Cook a few recipes together to work on your knife skills and help you get more comfortable with cooking healthy meals
  • Improvise dishes based on what’s already in the kitchen
  • Prepare meals to eat throughout the week
  • Come up with a weekly list of staple foods
  • Create a weekly meal planning guide
  • Reorganize your kitchen space for maximum flow

If you’re new to healthy shopping, we can also do a tour of your local grocery store. During this tour I will:

  • Answer any questions about “healthy” products
  • Show you how to pick the best produce
  • Explain how to read tricky labels and where the marketing companies get you

My clients leave these sessions feeling empowered, excited and ready to take control of their diets. Are you ready? Email to book a session.

*This service is limited to people in NYC and there is a 3 hour minimum.*

“Samantha is a wonderfully patient and encouraging coach.  She came to my apartment and together we discussed the food currently in my kitchen and ways to create simple, easy-to-make meals, stews and soups using just those ingredients.  She helped me focus on how to make my food more appealing and appetizing (and less, as I called it, sad). I can’t believe how many questions she answered that I didn’t know I needed answered!  Samantha helped me feel less overwhelmed every time I step into the kitchen and more excited to be cooking. I feel so supported and empowered to start cooking and eating well for the first time in my life!  Thanks Samantha, I’m already making many of the amazing meals we talked about!” NM, Queens, NY

“Samantha had me try new things and all around inspired me to be more comfortable in the kitchen. I couldn’t stop talking about everything I learned. She is a wonderful chef and a lovely teacher, can not recommend her enough.” Vanessa, Brooklyn, NY

Ongoing Coaching Services

Are you one of those people that likes to make changes slowly overtime? Some people find it overwhelming to make a bunch of changes at once, and prefer to have the support of an expert and guide to encourage them and troubleshoot with them along the way. If this sounds like you, schedule a free consultation or email me so you can learn more about what coaching can do for you.

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