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Being on retreat is such a special time, and the food provided to participants is a huge part of the experience. Good food has the ability to be nourishing, healing, and inspiring. What a gift!

The bonding that happens between participants and the huge breakthroughs that occur are truly transformative. As someone who grew up cooking on retreats, I understand how to support that space, and how to do so with love and compassion.

My menus are primarily plant-based, gluten free, dairy free and vegetarian. I use no processed foods and make everything from scratch. I am more than willing to accommodate dietary restrictions.

I’ve worked on retreats ranging from 2 days to 1 week, both locally and internationally. I can also offer cooking classes, demos, short workshops  and one on one health consultations to retreat participants.

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I attended a yoga retreat where Samantha was our amazing chef. Not only was the food delicious, she was an amazing teacher. After helping clean one meal she was there giving up tips as we prepared the next, having me try new things and all around inspiring me to be more comfortable in the kitchen. I couldn’t stop talking about everything I learned when I got home. She is a wonderful chef and a lovely teacher, can not recommend her enough. Vanessa G, NY, retreat participant

Delightful! Delicious! Decadent! Simply Samantha served up treat after treat that was a vision for the eyes and food for the soul.  You will never think of food the same way once you are influenced by her contagious charm and her knowledge around health and food. Prepare for the unexpected.  You won’t be disappointed. Laura, Colorado, retreat participant

Samantha radiates joy, and her love for healthy and nutritious foods penetrates her cooking. Her excitement for vegetables is contagious, and she helped me easily transition back into eating vegetarian. Her cooking introduced a whole new set of spices and flavors for our meals, and I came home inspired to try new dishes. She was a breath of fresh air to get me out of a cooking rut! Kim, Queens, NY, retreat participant

Samantha was the private chef for a yoga retreat that I recently attended in Mexico. While I of course applaud her approach to food and was beyond impressed with her innovative dishes (especially since she was cooking in another country without much knowledge of what would be available), I must comment on the one on one health coaching she also provided during the trip. Although Samantha was always giving pointers and lessons throughout our time in Mexico, sitting down and discussing my specific health needs was not only therapeutic in a way but also eye opening. Talking to her was like opening up to a long lost friend and she made me feel comfortable and at ease even if talking about some less than desirable topics. I highly recommend Samantha whether that be as your chef, health coach or both! Kristen, NY, retreat participant

My body feels different already which just blows my mind. I continued what you started today and I don’t plan on stopping any time soon. I finally feel like I actually can shed these 20 pounds and live in a much healthier and more vibrant body. Tracey, PA, retreat organizer

Samantha was the chef for our yoga retreat. She awakened our passion for food on a cellular level with her passion and enthusiasm for food and spices.  Samantha continuously surprised us at every meal.  Her dishes were like her, colorful, flavorful, joyful, and blissful.  Jane, Queens, NY retreat participant

As a yoga teacher planning a complete yoga retreat experience for my students I know that I can only do so much without facilitating the experience with food. When going through deep transformation the body is nourished not only through the practice but with the food that I am serving. Simply Samantha served this up in spades. Her food was made with so much love and was healthy and grounding and amazingly delicious. She was a delight as a person to work with and her food was like a big ole healthy hug. She kept my needs and concerns both nutritional and financial in mind and was always willing to lend her great big smile to our meals to describe what went into the food and encourage us to be more adventurous with our choices:) I wish that Samantha could cook every meal I eat and she for certain will be cooking on every retreat I lead. Her presence both in food and in person brought much more to the retreat than I could have ever hoped for. Keri, Tattva Yoga, retreat organizer

It was a great pleasure working with you. Your passion for cooking and your playful approach is contagious!  I’ve been on a cooking spree since I’ve returned, attempting to integrate what I learned over the retreat.  I never thought I’d say it (until recently), but I do enjoy being in the kitchen! Anthony, retreat organizer


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