“Before working with Samantha, dealing with health issues was a source of anxiety for me. I felt confused, frustrated, and afraid. Within one or two sessions I was able to start relating to my health in a different way. Because of her partnership I found great doctors, got to the bottom of my health challenges, and it became fun and enjoyable to take better care of myself. Samantha brings light, joy, and love to what can otherwise feel like a dark and difficult process.” LC, Brooklyn, NY

As a Health and Wellness Coach with a background in Social Work, I work with people who have a deep desire to be healthy, but feel a little stuck. Some of them feel hopeless, while others struggle with thinking they have to do everything perfectly. Through biweekly one on one sessions I help my clients learn to listen to their bodies and find what they truly need to support their health and happiness. I’ve helped clients lose upwards of 50 lbs, heal ulcers, improve chronic pain, reduce stress and anxiety, reduce blood pressure and sugar, and simply feel better in their bodies. My clients also report a marked improvement in self-confidence, health and peace of mind.

Does it sound like you could use a coach? If it does, take a minute to schedule a consultation with me. Changing habits, from the way you eat to how you speak to yourself, can be stressful and confusing. But it doesn’t have to be. Based on your individual needs and goals, we’ll set up a program that provides you with the accountability, support and structure to move you toward your best version of yourself. For some people that may mean changing your diet due to a sensitivity or illness. For others it might mean opening or closing your business. Still not sure? Sign up for a consultation and we can explore whether coaching is right for you at this time.

“My health and physical well-being has never been a consistent priority for me. I would go on a “diet” for a short amount of time and usually go back to my habits.  I thought changing my way of eating was restrictive and told myself that eating unhealthy made me “feel” better. My way of living was hurting me and at 35 years old I started having medical ailments typical of someone twenty years older than me. Working with Samantha helped me to change my way of thinking with food and ultimately with life. I realized through her unbridled optimistic approach to supporting me that I had a say in how I live my life and how to help myself. Samantha is more than a nutrition expert. She is a therapist, educator, supporter and ally. After working with her for several months I found myself having more energy, clearer skin, thinking clearer and feeling better. I noticed improvements in regards to my medical health. Samantha’s approach is kind and empathetic. I can honestly say that with her help not only have I been able to make sustainable health changes, she has helped me to save my own life.” LJ, Bronx, NY

“Samantha came into my life at a time when I really needed a guardian angel to walk me through the tough times. She is compassionate, super understanding, non-judgmental, warm, caring, fun-loving, positive, super resourceful in giving me ideas for all my situations. Of course it was very helpful that she has a lot of personal experience in dealing with traumatic gut health issues and different medical practitioners. She told me that the reason she is so passionate about helping others through this is because she wished she had that person to lean on and hold her hand through those times…and she really became that person for me. I have learned so much about myself besides dealing with my physical health issues. I feel better equipped to deal with life when the going gets rough because of people like her. Thank you, Samantha! You’re a blessing from Heaven!” Jess, Brooklyn, NY

“Samantha has helped my partner and me incorporate healthy foods into our diet, while taking into account our many limitations. She is an incredible source of ideas and strategies which made a seemingly impossible task very workable. She helped us discover new foods and recipes which we enjoy,  gave us advice on cheaper alternatives to expensive products we had come to rely on,  and even took us on a shopping trip to explore some new and exciting ingredients. Samantha also brings her experience and expertise in Social Work to the table. She understands the emotional factors, and behavioral patterns which can lead to a poor diet, and can help you work through those issues as well.”   -Shane, Queens, NY

2 thoughts on “Coaching

  1. Lisa

    Hi Samantha
    I am definitely in need of some coaching
    I have been diagnosed with gurd, IBS, and emphysema as well as fibromyalgia
    and now have to learn to eat a gluten free, sugar free, and low carb diet with fish and whole grains which is very confusing and expensive.

    1. Post author

      Hi Lisa,
      Thanks for reaching out. It can be super stressful having to change your diet for health reasons, especially when you are in pain or experiencing discomfort. Why don’t you set up a free consultation and we can see how I can help support you? This is the link for my calendar to schedule a session: Best of luck to you. It’s hard now, but it will get easier. <3


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