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Four Tips to Keep Post-Thanksgiving Guilt at Bay

Happy Thanksgiving week!

The holidays are always a mixed bag. There are lots of people who look forward to the time with family, great food, and a break from work. Other people dread the overeating and drinking they know comes with the holidays.

For those of you who want to enjoy great food with family and still feel great in your own body, here are a few simple tips to take home with you.

#1. Don’t show up hungry!

In my family, we start our thanksgiving get together around 4pm, so it’s tough to fit in lunch before I get there. If I wait until 4pm to eat lunch, I know I’m going to eat a ton more than I really want to because my blood sugar is going to be super low by that point, and my body will be in survival mode (AKA Give me food! Any kind of food! The more the better!). We all know the saying about our eyes being bigger than our stomachs. Well, when you’re super hungry that’s even more the case.

Solution: Have a snack before you go into the meal, even something small, so you’re better able to make smart decisions when meal time rolls around.

#2. Bring something healthy to share that everyone can enjoy.

There is so much great produce around this time of year. Sweet potatoes, butternut squash, apples, brussels sprouts and pumpkins! If you need ideas, check out my facebook page for a whole lot of options. Bring one of your favorite salads or vegetable dishes to the meal. Some people may thank you, others might make fun of you (I sure have both bunches in my family!), but your body will be thanking you, and that’s kinda most important.

#3. If you know you are prone to overeating, eat from a smaller plate.

Do you ever notice that you will fill your plate with food, no matter the size of the plate? Yup, that’s a thing. It’s psychological. (If you’re not quite sure what I’m talking about, here’s a visual). So why not make the most of what we know about our minds? If you know you’ll fill your plate to the brim and go for seconds (or thirds), try eating out of a smaller plate. Sometimes I use a dessert plate for my main meal during Thanksgiving, because I know that most of the food isn’t going to leave me feeling very well.

#4. Spread the love.

It’s easy to get sucked into the food and materialism around the holidays, but what it really comes down to is spending time with the people you love (blood family or chosen family). Even if you don’t like everyone you’ll be around, maybe there is at least something interesting or entertaining about them. By focusing on those around you and enjoying good conversation, you will naturally eat less. There are some countries in the world that might not have the best diets, but overall, they are super healthy because so much of their eating is social.  They spend meal times talking with the people around them, laughing and story telling. Not only is this good for our souls, but it extends the amount of time it takes to finish the meal, which gives your body time to digest your food and let you know when you are full.

What are some of your Thanksgiving tips for avoiding the post-holiday guilt and discomfort?

Sending lots of love!


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