How I Made the Switch to Natural Deodorant



Some people may call my hippie like, but there have always been some things that I’ve done the very conventional way. One of those things is deodorant.

Until a few months ago I was a clinical strength secret wearing gal. I had tried Mitchum, and all the other “supposedly” strong antiperspirants and deodorants, and nothing worked. So, I switched to the high dose aluminum, $11 per tiny bar, clinical strength products.

I always wanted to become a natural deodorant convert. I mean, I have super sensitive skin and I try to live as natural and simple a life as possible. But, another part of me just didn’t want to stink! I had tried the salt stones and some other natural products, but they just didn’t work for me. Some of them even made me smell worse.

The Plunge

Fast forward to my coconut oil loving days, and I decided to take the plunge and not only try a natural deodorant, but DIY-make it myself. The first few days I sweat a little more than usual, but within a week I was actually sweating less and I wasn’t stinky! So now I get to take care of my sensitive skin, eliminate unwanted chemicals from my bathroom and skin, and I don’t have to run to Duane Reade if I run out!? Amazing. Now, don’t get me wrong, I still sweat, but I sweat less than I did when I used the clinical strength antiperspirant!

The Ultimate Test

I love salsa dancing. But, up until this past week, I was scared to try it with my natural deodorant. Salsa dancing is intimate, and when there are 200 people dancing in a small room and you are up close and personal with your partner, well, you don’t want to stink! Well, I’m happy to report that I used my natural deodorant this past Sunday and the reports are all positive. Yes, I was sweating (everyone is!), but no stink.

A Word on the Cancer Controversy

There is some controversy over the link between aluminum and cancer. Nothing has been proven, but many people believe that antiperspirants can be linked to breast cancer. I’m not a scientist, but hey, if I can eliminate it, why not. If you want to read more about it, check out this site.

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    I’ve been trying to re-order your deodorant and can’t find it on your site. Is it still available? Third request. Please respond.


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